Location work on "The Good Wife" (which I'm observing the production of) negates the possibility of regular blogging, so forgive my spotty comings and goings. Okay, you got a better excuse? Still, I'm encouraged by all the enthusiastic comments coming in and continue to promise more clips, more production stills and more...excuses.

Below, dig a video that was made of our "City Island" evening this past Wednesday at Tribeca--the party was given for SAP, the software giants, and you'll see video of the panel on which I appeared with Ezra Miller and Emily Mortimer. It was moderated by the very generous Neil Rosen and you'll notice him wondering when the hell I'm going to stop blathering on and on in my attempt to answer a question about how Andy Garcia got involved with the movie in the first place. Ezra and Emily also look stupefied with boredom as their director friend rambles on discursively, saying in ten thousand words what certainly could have been said in a few hundred. The video was brought to my attention, by the way, by the invaluble JC, one of our more attentive "City Island hounds". Bien, gracias.

More soon. Remember the mantra. And if for some bizarre reason you really miss me when I'm not blogging, follow my aimless twitter stream--it helps me kill time when sitting around on a movie set not doing much of anything.

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  1. I thought the video was great and are looking forward to continuing details on the movie...it's all good!!!

  2. I just bought a heating pad for my neck.Just thought that everyone would like to know.

  3. Glad you liked the video I shot at the SAP event.

    "filmmaker" SCHMITT

  4. Hi,

    Andy was a guest in the George Lopez tonight show on 17th Nov. George mentioned "City Island" and said it is an amazing movie and Andy said it is coming up. You can watch the video here:

  5. Thank you for the video Raymond! You all looked great but these chairs you were sitting on look really uncomfortable :)

    Take care now and have a great week!