Tonight we're showing "City Island" at a special invitation only screening hosted by the Tribeca Film Festival for SAP, the major business software company. I understand that I'll be joined by Emily Mortimer and Ezra Miller, as well as by my producer Lauren Versel.

Do you know Ezra MIler? If you don't yet, you will soon. An amazingly fresh, funny, smart young actor who plays Andy Garcia's younger son in "City Island". Below I've posted two clips--one of some raw footage (dailies) of Ezra from the movie, and the other an "interview" with me on the set (actually I'm being interviewed by my assistant for the purposes of this blog) discussing why I think Ezra's going to be the next big thing.

I'll spare you the mantra today, but will ask the plaintive question: have you shared this blog (and the news of the impending release of the movie on 3/19/10) with your best friend and worst enemy today? More later...

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