My week (or the week according to this blog) now begins on Tuesdays. It's an Obama thing. Don't ask what that means. I don't know.

Still "shadowing" on "The Good Wife", though the shoot doesn't begin until Thursday. Much driving around strange byways of Queens and Long Island searching for locations. As always, a good attitude prevails on these trips--crews out scratching together movies or episodes of shows are truly engaged in a strange pursuit, almost Gypsy-like in its private codes, practices, meanings etc. Ever wonder why elaborate movie crews are frequently found shooting in the oddest little places--like filling stations, pizza parlors or eyeglass stores? "Why would they bother to shlep out here for this little shop?" is the usual question. Like everything in movies, there's a real reason--though one that doesn't make much sense in a normal world not viewed through a looking glass. Generally its because these smaller locations are tied to a larger one nearby. And then every so often, people just go DAFT and decide they really need a "certain look" for something relatively trivial (a filling station, a pizza parlor, an eyeglass place). When that look isn't found, the indecision becomes paralyzing; eventually any old place will do--as long as its near something else. I'm afraid I've been guilty of this a few times and later wondered how the hell I wound up taking everybody so far out of the way to shoot something that probably could have been accomplished anywhere.

Now: what has this to do with "City Island"? Nothing. For I've nothing to report--YET. But I do here scratchings that we'll be in some more festivals before the official opening on MARCH 19, 2010. All of these will be duly noted in upcoming posts. Meanwhile, I will once again begin recycling some of the on-set clips we posted during production, for those of you knew to this blog. But before we flashback to summer '08, dig the below--an interview with the actors (which I'd never seen and hence hadn't posted) done right after we'd won the Tribeca Audience Award. It features a generous amount of Julianna Margulies who I look forward to seeing on set in a couple of days. I'll soon get some behind the scenes stills up on this blog as well.
As soon as I remember where I left the disc that they're on.

And now for the mantra.

"City Island" is your movie. Help us get the word out. Forward this blog to your friends and enemies alike. Comment on our Facebook page (I'll check in on that every day as well).

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Keep comin' back. It works if you...if you...it works if you...how the hell does that thing go?

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  1. Julianna Margulies!! :-) I'm glad to hear that you guys will work together again...

  2. Raymond how about some of the comments you taped after tribeca
    from some of the folks that saw the
    film, that day other than the cast

  3. I know you said that you would post info when you got it but do you know anything about a possible premiere date? would it be on march 19th or sometime earlier?
    -Curious fan