Enjoy the first of many behind the scenes production stills I'll be posting in the weeks leading up to the release of "City Island" (3/19/10). Click to enlarge.

Re: the trailer. I think we'll be ready to put it up on our various sites (movie website, facebook and of course this blog) in two
weeks. In answer to a readers queary, no--the director doesn't have final control of the trailer. A company that specializes in creating trailers puts a few different versions together and the releasing company--in concert with the filmmakers--looks at them all and gives notes. Ultimately the end product belongs to those who are releasing the film--in this case, however, we are all on board with the trailer and delighted with how it turned out.

Now for the mantra. Remember that spreading the word about our movie is the key thing to getting it seen and in the hands of the audiences. So please forward this blog entry to as many of your friends (and enemies) as you can. Anyone interested in production stills and behind the scenes clips (not to mention the aforementioned trailer) will enjoy the journey this blog will be taking them on over the next three months. And go to the top right of this page to find me and the movie on Facebook, Twitter and all the usual self-promoting devices now overused by web-whores like myself.

Speaking of clips...

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  1. That clip is one of my very favorites! Can't wait to see the actual scene that it's from. More Steven!!

  2. I like the production stills. More of Andy, please!!!

  3. There is more to life than films
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    allot of fun.....Beats selling
    insurance which I know nothing about thank God...Look forward to
    having this film on DVD...ciao

  4. Love this clip and love these two actors. Hope to hear more about them and the scenes they filmed together in the weeks leading up to the movie's release. Was this particular scene cut from the movie and that is why you are showing it to us or is this just an outtake?

    Also look forward to seeing the trailer. It's great that you like it so much and I'm sure we will too!

  5. I believe there is an advanced showing of City Island in LA on wednesday and that Andy is going to be there. I am wondering if you will be able to let us know how it goes and the reaction to the film etc.

  6. Please tell me the following WON'T be in the trailer:

    1. A deeply intoned voiceover: "In a world..."
    2. The following musical choices: "Solsberry Hill" (always used for uplifting dramadies), "Walking On Sunshine" (Wacky comedy!), or the finale to "Aliens" (something is about to blow up).
    3. So many quick cuts that I have no idea what the movie is about. Or I go into seizures.
    4. This phrase: "Till one day...(name of character)...met..his...match...". Or this one: "One man...changed...everything..."
    5. Some stupid catch phrase, like: "This island...is SINKING". Or "GET STRANDED. MARCH 2010."

  7. Is it wrong that while watching that clip (beyond enjoying it for what I think will be a kick-ass scene) I just kept thinking "his hair is so thick and pretty"? :)

  8. I can not wait to see this movie!! Stills are great! Fantastic clip too. thank you so much for sharing!

  9. BTW Ray- can you tell us why you have been following the Good Wife production? Great show BTW, my favorite new show. JM is wonderful. I hope her schedule lets her do lots of promotion for the movie though.

  10. No it isn't wrong his Barber
    probably thinks so also. $9.00

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