I blogged all last week, but my dog at my posts.

I posted. Only I didn't hit "publish".

I hit delete by accident?

It depends on what your definition of "is" is.

Seriously sorry for the disappearing act. I've been following the shoot on "The Good Wife" and more often than not
there simply isn't internet access on location. And by the time I get home I'm too wiped from having spent a day
on set not doing anything productive.

And the last two days of the shoot are upon me as I speak. So enjoy a clip and stay tuned for a lot of semi-exciting updates (for instance, the movie has a kick ass trailer which I will unveil in a few weeks, as well as a mega-online promotion plan which you will all certainly be made aware of/a part of).

And now, Andy Garcia serenades you on the piano, during one of our lunch breaks.

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  1. VERY excited about finally seeing the trailer! I'll be looking forward to that!

  2. Raymond who puts the Trailer together???? And do you the
    Director have final approval if it
    is someone other than yourself
    that creates it...

  3. "And by the time I get home I'm too wiped from having spent a day
    on set not doing anything productive." i know how that feels. well... not the being on set part, but the being wiped from a lot of unproductiveness.

    i cant wait for the trailer! and the list of places it'll be coming too.

  4. We feel like it is nothing
    productive but it is. As we know
    art seems to just simmer in our
    souls as it is taking place and then all of a sudden there it is.
    Plus its nice hanging around eating Bagels most of the time
    with interesting folks. Have a
    coffee on me two sugars light on
    the cream....Ciao Ahhhh I am such
    a Poet

  5. Raymond I could swear that one
    girl sitting down was covering her
    ears.... (only joking)

  6. I am uber interested in a trailer. Something about a trailer makes the whole thing seem more real to me.