Forget the fact that none of us were invited to Korea for the 14th Annual Pusan International Film Festival for what I assume must be the Korean Premiere of "City Island"; I didn't even know there was such a festival. I won't kick and scream as I did about Rio because frankly I don't think I could have handled traveling to South Korea. Still, had I known a bit more about the lovely participants at the festival (above)...scratch that. I'm a married man. Here's an awfully nice blog review of "City island" by somebody named McGarmot who saw it at the Pusan festival.Big time thanks for the nice words. Give me a call sometime if you need a reference.

And here's more about the Pusan International film festival then you ever need to know. Turns out they were the first film festival ever to exist in Korea--and that they only began in 1996. I wonder why it took so long for them to catch on to what the rest of the worlds chamber of commerces had already figured out: film festivals are bigtime civic events and super crowd pleasers. If I were ever elected Mayor of a city that didn't have one, my first order of business would be to get the local film festival underway. Anway, glad they're there in Pusan and that they showed our movie.

Item: Deauville already seems like a year ago. And yet just recently the following bit of video surrounding our movie and Andy's honorary evening turned up on youtube. Quite interesting:

And now for Ghent, which already seems like six months ago (I think we were there last week?) The following is a very nice
combination tribute to Andy and interview with his fab daughter Dominik, who as fatithful readers of this blog probably know, plays his daughter in the movie. In the opening of this piece, you'll see Andy arriving at our Ghent premiere and you'll occasionally glimpse a fast-aging man with salt and pepper hair and pompous-looking eyeglasses behind him. That would be me. I'm so glad I didn't become an actor. I can't bear the sight of me on screen. By the way, there are quite a few extended clips from the movie within here, enough to satisfy any of you who continue to wonder when they'll get to see the movie...and if, in fact, it actually truly exists outside of my fevered imagination.

Moving on to Twitter. I've become quite convinced that one of the heavy promotional tools for our movie--indeed, one of the heavy tools of our lives as we know it--is Twitter. This is strange since the whole idea of Twitter seemed inane to me only a couple of months ago (even though I quickly signed up for an account--more a spasm of early onset middle-age fear of seeming out of it then anything else). But I've been reading up on it and following my tweets and lets face it--sharing small bits of instant information is addictive, easy, and quite revelatory. For instance I follow Ted Hope--well known indie film producer (and by the way my first ever boss--he was the Key Production Assistant on the first movie I ever had a job on the name of which I've forgotten that was shot in New York City in the dismal summer of 1985...oh well, lets skip that part of our history since we've all presumably moved on to better things...) Anyway, Ted is a visionary about the future of cinema, communication and the way in which real time web stuff is going to impact us all. And though he's been blogging for awhile, it's his tweets that I'm finding most heroically useful. Lots of info, thoughts and ruminations on the ride we're all taking and where we might wind up. Click here to follow him.

So what I'm thinking is: this blog, of course, will continue apace. Better than that, actually, since once I finish my new script I'll start blogging more regularly. But I'll be tweeting every day--almost always with a link to something that I think will be of interest. Click here to follow me on Twitter. If you like what I'm saying/showing you, and if you want to help promote the release of "City Island", re-tweet me to your friends. And send the link to others so that my measely (but much appreciated) nineteen followers grows a bit over the next couple of months. I'm forced to repeat Conan O'Brien's joke about the combined time wasting website that utilizes youtube, twitter and facebook called: "YouTwitFace". Funny though it was a few months ago, time has rendered the joke obsolete; we appear to be on a viral path of no return in which we find ourselves, others and our mutual interests in constant communication, clicking and linking and friending and tweeting ourselves into a mad future that can only be comprehended whilst engaged in a Manhattan Up (Makers Mark preferably)...and while watching a nice old clip such as the following on the ubiquitous youtube. Jeepers Creepers! Take it Satch...

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