Just moments ago I posted a confused blast of impatience directed toward the Festival in Rio that will be showing "City Island". In the post (which I've left up and can be viewed below) I offered to eat my hat if I were wrong about them backing out of showing the movie.

I hearby direct you to this link, which shows the many showtimes and lovely theaters our movie is showing in, in that great city named for the month of January, Rio De Janeiro. May the good citizens of Brazil accept my humble thanks and apologies for ever doubting your fabulously good instincts on world cinema. And I may I take this opportunity to convey my thanks for the music of Antonio ("They called him Tom") Carlos Jobim, who I included in the previous post? And what of all the wonderful Brazilian food and drink we have? I can't think of anything specific, but I'm sure I've enjoyed a Brazilian cocktail and probably a heavily spiced and salted hunk of meat prepared according to some ancient Brazilian recipe at some point along the way. And just think--if not for Brazil, we wouldn't have the name "Copacabana". And without that name, we wouldn't have that glorious work of art by Barry Manilow!

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  1. Glad this was all cleared up! Make sure to take lots of pictures and give us many reports of all the happenings there..and video, how about some video? :)

  2. This is fantastic. All those lucky Brazilians!! The link didn't work for me though. Please give us the full story and everything else you can share. Thanks!

  3. Glad to be able to catch up with "City Island" and DeFelitta doings on your blog. Thank you for keeping us posted. We care.

    Visited today because first thing Monday morning I will again be shooting @ Orchard Beach, and look forward to fond memories of our work nearby.

    Keep on keepin' on, Mr. De. All the crew I run into on various jobs are excited for you and for "City Island" as you and it make your way around the world.

  4. what are you shooting at orchard beach?

  5. What a nice place to go for a film festival. I'd love to hear all about the trip. Send us some nice photos of you and Steven and update soon. Thanks for the continuing coverage of your movie. It's been fun to follow along.

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  8. So when does this festival start? Are you already tehre? Photos please!

  9. Congratulations on your film! Escorting Anouk Aimee? Count your blessings! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy dropping in on your blog every now and then. I always learn something.