In answer to a comment asking what's going on in Paris with the movie? NOTHING! Just hanging here.

And as far as comment two goes, are you kidding? Leave technology behind? If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody there...right? Well, if a blogger travels and fails to post...same thing. You dig?

Paris in the 1930's awaits. My suggestion for the following ten minute video of hypnotic views of the city from a lost time: go to full screen for the viewing, uncork a good bottle of wine and slap on some Charles Trenet. Glance away from the screen as often as you glance toward it. Act only half-interested--in other words, act French. Paris is its own best imitation of itself--you can't call the truth a cliche and every cliche about Paris is true. Cheers, baby...

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  1. There's an old Chinese proverb
    that says..If a treeeee falls in
    the forest......I cant seem to
    remember the rest for some reason.........

  2. Hi Raymond,
    Thanks for the Paris (Stock footage) video clips. I think Paris did not changed much except the cars and the clothes that people wear. I suggest that you should climb up to the top of Nortre Dame to enjoy the views of Paris. It is better than from the Eiffel Tower. You have to climb more than 300 stairs but it is worthwhile. You should come early as the queue is long.
    The screening of City Island at Deauville is coming very close. I guess you will soon be joined by Andy and his beautiful daughter Dominik in Paris.
    I found this video interview of you, Andy Garcia and Julianna Margulies in the Tribeca film festival from Reuters. I hope you have not seen it yet.


  3. Thanks, JC--no I haven't seen this one. We already left Paris so I didn't make the Notre Dame trek but will aim to do so next time. Meanwhile, I'll be posting whatever Deauville footage turns up asap.

  4. Yes I second that... or... do I fifth it? In any case, your insight is better than average. (OK, it might be better than that, but there's a BiggerHead/SmallerBlog paradox, so that's all you're getting.)

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