Yet another country that's not America seems to be showing "City island"--this time it's Brazil! So you see, upside is down, wrong is right and, as far as I can tell, the best way to get your film shown around the world in every possible exotic locale is to make sure that it takes place in a small, working-class neighborhood in the United States and has nothing whatsoever to do with anything that could possibly be construed as having "global" appeal.

Unless, of course, all families really are the same and thus the movie translates beyond borders. Below, dig the poster that's being used--and can anyone accurately translate the title? (I read it as "Confusion Is Family" and the tag line as: "His Cousins Genetics Explains It". Could this possibly be correct? If so, heavy...) The ad was sent to me a couple of days ago for "approval"--as if I was somehow going to brave the multiple language and time-zone issues and try to re-direct the poster art from my garage studio in LA. Ultimately I shrugged and said that this poster art was fine. For Brazil, that is. If Anchor Bay/Overture were to present this to us as a sales concept, I'd toss a chair across the room and demand a thorough accounting of how the advertising people got their frigging jobs to begin with. That is, I would do that after cleaning up the vomit that covered every surface of the room. Still, viz:

Thanks, JC, for posting the Russian trailer and finding the site with the dozen or so production stills. If any of you readers are interested in seeing this stuff, go to the comments section of my last post and click on JC's links (or paste them in your browser).

And yes, Marianna, if "City Island" can hit Poland, Russia and Brazil, I'm more than certain it will appear in Greece. Probably well before the US premiere in fact.

Below, a little touch of Brazil via good old "Ugly American" entertainment. Sinatra, of course, singing a song that acutally charted number 6 in 1946 and that is, alas, available only as an audio recording--at least I couldn't find any live performance footage of Frank doing it on youtube. Cheers to you, Brazil. Enjoy our damn movie. And may your cousins genetics explain the confusion in your family....

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