Click here to read the Hollywood reporter piece announcing "City Island'" appearing at the prestigious (and wonderful) Deauville Film Festival, on September 11.

Apparently the folks at Deauville are doing an homage to Andy Garcia--clips of his other films I imagine, perhaps full screenings?--and then presenting our movie. I love this idea as I very much want people to view Andy in "City Island" both as the character he portrays (and he effortlessly inhabits Vince Rizzo--never for a moment do you think it's Andy being Vince) as well as the wonderful movie star who you know from a pile of movies going back twenty years and who here is showing a side of his performing talent that you may not be familiar with. Andy's comic and emotional turn as Vince is, I say immodestly, a career highlight and I love that Deauville (and I hope other festivals) are interested in putting his work in perspective, and using "City Island" as a lens to filter it through.

I've been to Deauville twice before--in 1996 with my first film "Cafe Society" and in 2000 with my film "Two Family House". Unless it's changed radically, it was by far the most enjoyable, sociable and least smarmy of all the major festivals. For one thing, the town itself has two enormous old turn of the century hotels right on the water...and that's all! So a great many well known actors and filmmakers are thrown together in what amounts to two large lobbies...and you are all forced to socialize. Rather than inhibiting people, this serves to bring out the egalitarian in even the snootiest of people. A very clubby, friendly spirit pervaded the place the two times I went and I was delighted to find myself sitting around having drinks and eats with a slew of people who I'd admired for years--Bob Altman, Barry Levinson, Neil Jordan, Julie Taymor, Anouk Aimee, Leslie Caron...and Kevin Spacey (I suppose)...

I have news on the movies US release as well, but have been asked by our distributors not to release a date yet, until they can make the official announcement. Let's just say the month begins with the letter "M" and doesn't end with the letter "Y".

And by the way: yesterday, according to my producer (procurer?) Lauren Versel, was the one year anniversary of the start of principle photography. Jesus!

Here's more Sam Fuller...

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  1. That sounds fantastic....Let see
    now starts with an M but dosent end with a Y....Montana thats it
    great guess hu....

  2. I'm so excited! Of course I wish it were sooner but it'll be so nice to get confirmation. I hope they also intend on releasing other tidbits soon (stills, trailer, etc.) in anticipation. I'm always clamoring for whatever you can give us on this movie.

    I know there were Q&As at Tribeca when you screened the film and you mention that there was one with you and Julianna at this particular screening. Are these available anywhere to see or read in a transcript? I'd love to hear what what was said.

  3. I'm really glad to hear that City Island is continuing to get noticed and I hope you plan to continue to give us more behind the scenes stories and aren't sick of talking about it. Perhaps more in honor of your 1 year filming anniversary? I love all that you've told us about Andy. I hear his performance is really something special but I would like to hear any "favorite scene" stories about the rest of the primary cast (julianna, Steven, Ezra, Emily, dominik) as well. You've been kind enough to share how they joined the cast but I'm dying to know more! Thanks so much for all you continue to share!

  4. Wahoo!!!! Go, go, go!

  5. I am also getting excited on the news! I wish I could be there though I have already seen this movie. It would be nice if this festival will pay a tribute to Andy's movies. Andy is so good a Vince. Thank you Raymond for letting us know the possible US release date. I wish this movie will be a success and so it will be released in other parts of the world.

  6. Well since I am in one quick blink
    of the eye scene in your City Island..That means that I am going to Deauville France also.In spirit
    and pic.Hope that I have a good time.ciao Oh yea, I wont be signing
    any autographs this time either so
    dont askkkkk

  7. Another festival I wish I could attend just to see the movie :) I wish someone who saw it would write up a nice, detailed synopsis so that those of us who don't mind spoilers could be have something to keep us satisfied until getting to see this on the big screen!

  8. I have to say that I am puzzled by the long wait to see this film. By all accounts this is a great movie and Andy is wonderful in it. Why not show it sooner. Won't it be forgotten about by next M.... and the buzz from Tribeca etc. will have gone away. If you have a great product why not strike while the iron is hot,as they say?

  9. Thanks for all the good wishes. Don't think there are any transcripts of any q&a's that we did at Tribeca, though I did post something a couple of months ago of me and a few other directors talking at a Barnes&Nobel symposium that was put on youtube. Look in the archives for that, assuming you are truly desperate...

    The reason for the wait is a practical one: although we have a great company releasing the film, we don't have a lot of p&a (advertising) money to spend. And it takes a good four-to-six months to get a film properly released--to do advance press, advance word of mouth screenings, get the film on the radar of the public so it doesn't just open cold. The six months lead after the sale at Tribeca was finally concluded put us in late October/November--and that is the time of year that the companies start spending a bloody fortune promoting whatever the hell has a chance in hell of nabbing an Oscar nomination. It's hard enough to compete with them when you have a big budget--so we decided to wait until that storm blows over and take the film out early next spring, when the calender is a little more open and hopefully people will be refreshed and ready for our sparkling little concoction:-)

    it was a frustrating but ultimately necessary decision to make, in spite of the Tribeca 'heat'...

  10. So even with all the great reviews and also the high praise for Andy's acting you never thought that maybe the film could get some award nominations especially for Andy.

  11. Well it's too bad that the transcripts aren't available. I would have liked to hear what you had to say and what Julianna had to say about her character. I have actually watched the q&a on YouTube...not because I was desperate though :). I just like to here as much about the movie as possible!

  12. Oh this is fantastic News!!

    I also can not wait to see the Movie in March LOL! I hope it is a huge hit!!

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  14. As an unapologetic Oscars junkie (have not missed a broadcast since 1974) I am of course disappointed that City Island won't be tossing its hat into the circle of nomination hopefuls. What with the Best Picture category "opened up" to ten nominations this year, there might be honest hope for City Island to be included among those ten, as well as for Andy, screenplay, etc.

    That said, I have been in this business a long time myself, and I know that the business of promoting and advertising movies is a bloody and brutal one, oftentimes ridiculous and unfair. Between the big studios and, oh, the Weinsteins, for instance, the odds that a "little" movie can break through, get those nominations, become "this year's 'Little Miss Sunshine'", etc., can be stacked against you. For every "Little Miss Sunshine" there are fifty deserving yet unnominated and consequently underwatched indie movies that more or less die on the vine.

    (C'mon, "The Reader" or even "Benjamin Button" better movies than "The Wrestler"? No, they are not.)

    I just want City Island to be seen by as many eyeballs as possible. If that means March, then March it is, a lovely birthday present for me.

    (P.S. It is not always the case that a movie released in the Spring has no chance of nominations the following February. That's just conventional wisdom, which then dictates that the studios front-load their Thanksgiving-to-Christmas slate with all of their "prestige" pictures, that is, movies that aren't about superheroes, fighting robots, or adult men who are reluctant to grow up. Let us hope that the release of City Island might remind us once more that, occasionally, the exception proves the rule.)

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