And poof! The whole Poland experience is over. I spent most of yesterday on an interminable (but luxurious) Lufthansia flight back to New York. The screening of "City Island" on Saturday night was an eye-opener. Largely because none of us were sure if the movie's humor would translate to a foreign audience. But it turns that it did--they loved it, laughed, cried and applauded the same as they did in Tribeca. I'm not sure why we were skittish--families are families (i.e., screwed up central organisms that we struggle, in vain, to escape from) all over the world. Might we actually have a movie that transcends cultural barriers?

Also quite wonderful was the concert of Jan Kaczmarek's music on the previous evening. Here are Jan and Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, our Executive Producer (as well as being our marvelous host in Poland) looking rather pleased with themselves before the screening...

And here Zachary Matz, my producing partner, and I are apparently in the act of watching our own movie, filled with admiration and self-regard. Viz:

Lastly--and perhaps leastly--the aftermath: the film got a standing ovation and, for reasons that only a therapist could explain, I fled the theater instead of taking a bow. See for yourself...(I'm in the lower right hand portion of the picture, the only unsmiling, unapplauding person in view...)

Here's a little more of Marvelous Max Raabe, my Kracow "discovery"...

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