Above, click to enlarge and then scroll down past the mention of Jerry Herman's honorary Tony Award and see the New York Times mention of our winning the Audience Award, published in the "Grey Lady" this morning. If something happens and it isn't mentioned in the New York Times, then it probably isn't real. Hence our delight at this mention...

Click here to read the beknighted Peter Knegt of Indiewire (the ultimate source for Indie film information) and his attempt to explain his failure to have predicted our win--he blames Tribeca's tracking system and indicates that we "benefitted" from our three late screenings, though we had already had three screenings by the time Thursday night rolled around.

Thanks to you, my friends and readership, we packed the screenings and created a buzz that was clearly helpful in our attracting enough attention and interest to help take our movie to the top of the festival. And don't think that I'll stop asking for your help! Putting this movie out--and it looks fairly promising at this point that we will attract a distributor--will take a major grass-roots effort via the web. And since you guys were here first, starting back last summer when we followed the making of the film together, logic (or illogic) concludes that you'll be the first...for me to ask for more help from. Oh, well. Or as Jan McLaughlin has taken to saying: "Jeepers Creepers". Below is the Variety mention of the win.

Thanks for the many comments on yesterday's post, including links to more reviews and articles. For today's video post, click here and you'll see the NewYork1 segment from the premiere, featuring interviews with all of us on the red carpet, yammering away about "City Island". Enjoy...

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