Dig the heavyness of my composing this blog at dawn from the airport lounge in Frankfurt, Germany while waiting for my connecting flight to Krakow, Poland. The walllessness--the boundry-lessness of it all--makes me idiotically happy.

What's in Krakow, you ask? The second annual Film/Music Festival (or some such)--a very rich sounding five day event featuring lots of music that has something to do with movies, including an evening conducted by the composer of "City Island's" score, Jan A.P. Kaczmarek as well as a special screening of "City Island", attended by yours truly and my producer partners Lauren Versel and Zachary Matz.

Jan, you see, is Polish. He came to us via one of our major investors, executive producer Grzegorz Hajdarowicz (or, as I prefer to bill him, Greg A.P. Hajdarowicz--"A.P." standing for "also Polish"). Click here for a very nice article about Greg and his company Gremi Films and their involvement with "City Island". In it, Greg is pictured on our set with my producer Lauren Versel. Scroll down and find a picture of us all in Cannes, exactly a year ago, putting on the dog while trying to raise the funds to shoot our film.

The story of how Greg got involved--indeed, helped make happen--our quintessentially American movie is still something of a happy mystery to me. He came to the Berlin Film Festival Market last February, looking for projects to invest in. I've never asked him what, precisely, he saw in my movie that attracted him--previously he helped finance a Peter Greenaway movie, which is about as far away from "City Island" as Frankfurt is from the Bronx. Nonetheless, Greg got on board early and his commitment never wavered. He's a fascinating fellow--originally from Poland, he was living in New York in the late 1980's when the history of his country changed forever in 1989, causing him to go home and instantly transform himself into of Poland's most enterprising entrepreneurs. Greg has run all kinds of businesses and is now deeply involved in helping to revive the Polish film industry--this festival I'm on my way too is clearly part of the whole effort and apparently I'm going to get a tour of a newly built movie studio, built in the hopes of attracting international productions to Poland.

Also quite interesting is how Greg helped secure the services of the distinguished Mr. Kaczmarek--Jan won on Oscar for his tremendous score for "Finding Neverland" and, as a result, doesn't exactly pop his cork for every film he meets. This will be related in the days to come--along with information on the festival and perhaps even some music clips. But right now I have a flight to catch. Tune in later, why don't you? Meanwhile, in tribute to the country that I'm simultaneously sitting in and on the way out of (as well as being the locale where Greg H. and City Island--"Krakow Meets the Bronx"--hooked up last year), here's a clip from Pabst's 1931 "Threepenny Opera". In it, the great Ernst Busch sings the song that one day would be known as "Mack The Knife"...

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  1. Is that really Frankfurt airport???

    You know I have to have all my facts straight...


  2. Nice "Hey Big Spender" reference, sir!