Yesterday morning my producer Lauren Versel and I flew from New York to LA on the 9AM flight. We arrived around noon, had lunch in Beverly Hills, then joined our other producing partners--Andy Garcia and Zachary Matz--for a meeting with a company interested--very interested--in distributing "City Island". The meeting went terrifically well and then, wiith maximum glamour and flash, Lauren and I boarded the evening flight back to New York (after a quick and expensive Sushi dinner). The aplomb with which all this was accomplished hit a snag early this morning: the fog at JFK in New York prevented us from landing. We were re-routed to Dulles in Washington DC to refuel. Eventually we shlepped back to New York. Add to this the fact that we were sitting in coach and had to pay top dollar for tickets on such a short notice and essentially what we had was: the longest, least comfortable and most expensive 24 hour trip to LA and back ever recorded.

But all that pales next to the news that we have a possible buyer for our movie. The company shall remain nameless until a deal is struck. And if no deal is struck, I'll never bring this event up again and hope that you, too, will forget my having mentioned it. But...very exciting, this. Again, I can't help but feel that the enthusiasm that you, my dear readers, keep showing for the whole process helped translate into a positive buzz at Tribeca which helped win the Audience Award, which helped yesterday's meeting happen...you get the idea.

Below is the second part of that panel that I did. Glad that somebody said that I came off "okay". Only "okay"? Probably. I seem to remember being surprised at the cobwebs in my brain as I began speaking that morning, the result perhaps of one (or maybe two?) cocktails having been consumed the night before...

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  1. Crossing fingers for good news any day now :)

  2. Swear to God, when I first saw the video heading "Directors As Writers", I read it as "Directors As Whores".

    Sorry your trip was so rough,RDeF. I flew in for the weekend from Michigan, which thanks to tax breaks has become Hollywod on the Lakes. Flying through the storm clouds, it was so turbulent I expected to look over to see the cast of Lost. (I am a huge Lost fan.)

    Your hair isn't as big and bushy in the video as I remember. (On the set, as he is thinking/worrying, Raymond runs his fingers through his hair a LOT, causing his hair to compress and elevate, creating something of a poor white man's Afro.)

  3. Excellent News Raymond! My fingers are crossed! I can't wait to see this movie again!!

    Maybe than you can work on a Sequel :-))) Love this group of actors together.

  4. Ray we get the idea .Now we want to
    see this film in theaters and its
    trailer within 8 weeks. So tell
    these people cut the money lose and
    lets get going.....I have the nine
    dollars and three for pop corn and I
    am willing to go up to 12 & 3 ciao
    plus I might take a date..

  5. How exciting news and don't worry Raymond, we'll keep everything to ourselves till the final OK!

    Oh and Daniel happy to know there is another LOST fan on this blog (I am too:). Got any theories? lol

    take care

  6. My Dear Raymond,

    We here on the Great White Way are on the edge of our seat....but please remember what my dear, dear friend Margo used to say--

    "I'm still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut."

    Wishing you well on selling your lovely picture.


  7. Every time I think I have Lost figured out, it throws me for a new loop. So I just try to hang on & enjoy the ride.

  8. Dan--Directors as Whores! I love it. I wonder why? Per my hair: if I'd gotten it cut on set as I'd originally planned it would have all been a different story. It might have actually been a different movie.

    Anon: A sequel to "City Island"? Hmm. I'm thinking more like tv show...

    Marianna: They watch "Lost" in Greece? I shouldn't be surprised. It doesn't make any sense here, so why should it be harder to understand in another language?

    Addison: Of course I wouldn't deign to try and buy you off the shelf like a cocktail. After all, I'm not just another graduate of the Copacabana School Of The Arts...

  9. I would love to see this a TV show, But no way would Andy and most of the other actors do TV and if I can't see the same group who were sheer perfection together, well than, I say you must write a sequel for the movies only :-))

  10. MemofromDOSelznickMay 11, 2009 at 7:50 PM

    @anonymous (love your poetry BTW) - TV shows based on movies rarely have the same cast, and often are great on their own merits, albeit very different (see MASH). I see City Island cast as follows:
    Bobby Cannevale (after Cupid is put to its deserved sleep)
    Julianna Marguiles naturally, no stranger to TV
    Anyone who looks like Jamie Lynn Sigler to play the daughter

  11. Alan Arkin would have to play the
    acting coach......but please not a
    sequel....unless it would be very
    beneficial to you $$$$$$$ Alan
    Arkin once a week would be a real
    treat to a TV audience.Because TV
    today needs helppppppp pppppppppp
    it makes me stutter. Sequel thats
    like having a Rocky 12

  12. I have the perfect cast fro the TV Show:
    Michael Rispoli as the Father
    Katherine Narducci as the Mom
    Matt Servitto as the Acting coach.
    Frank Whaley as the son.

  13. @muscle sucker - Who is Michael Rispoli?

  14. moscle sucker, dont give up your day job

  15. @anonymous - I'll put my 'day job' as you call it up against yours any 'day' you cowardly cur hiding behind the veil of 'anonymous'. I am a lifelong City Islander and a HUGE fan of the movie and the director, and I spend my days on the water making money to feed my wife's four kids. What do YOU do?

  16. Looks like Julianna's pilot "Good Wife" will be picked up. Chris Noth plays her husband. Love him too.

    So I really need JM and Andy to make a sequel, no TV show with new actors please.

    Wouldn't be the same :-(

  17. Muscle Sucker I am very sorry did not mean
    to hurt your feelings at all.Did not
    mean it in a vicious way and being anonymous has nothing to do
    with being a coward or maybe it dos
    I don't know.

  18. @Anon
    Takes a big man or woman to say you're sorry, so I accept your apology. Maybe I am a bit thin-skinned, being from the Bronx and all.

  19. That's me the big guy 5.8 from New Jersey shore area.Have a great week.