Click here to read a moderately interesting interview with me and Andy Garcia, conducted for a publication called Hosokinema, which sounds awfully Japanese to my ears. Well why not? Thank you to the reader known as JC for finding this one.

I'm off to Connecticut for a few days where a musical play that I wrote is having its very first production. "Buddy's Tavern" is a musical version of my movie "Two Family House"--that movie was released in 2000 and the next year we began work on musicalizing it. My composer Kim Oler and lyricist Alison Hubbard have a good deal more experience in the theater than I and thus were mildly taken aback when I suggested that we could write and produce the show in about a years time. Gently they explained to me that the pace of the theater world makes the pace of the movie world seem positively frenetic. Indeed the word that pops to my mind that best describes the process of writing and mounting a show would be: GLACIAL. Nonetheless, seven plus years later our musical is having its first signs of life at a theater in Connecticut called "The Spirit Of Broadway." Click here to see some info on the show and its upcoming run.

Now dig this...

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  1. Good luck on the musical! That certainly sounds intriguing.

    I also wanted to ask about City Island. I know that you said that you had a good meeting but weren't going to say with who until things were a done deal. Any more word on that? How long do these things usually take?

  2. Out of town tryouts in Connecticut? Is Buddy's Tavern a modern retelling of Faust by any chance? I myself gave that a go, but cest la vie!

  3. Hi Raymond,

    Glad you like the interview. So you are not going to Cannes? City Island has two screenings in the Cannes film festival. I thought you and Andy will be there.


  4. Anon: We should have more news next week--stay tuned.

    Jeffrey: I actually was present at your disastrous out of town tryout. You simply had the wrong leading man, Hunter being washed up and ready for the ashheap of song-and-dance history. The whole production was wildly ahead of its time...

    JC--No, I'm skipping Cannes, the screenings are "market screenings" (i.e. for buyers only) and I have a rule about not attending festivals that don't invite my films into their competitions. Cannes passed on us, but more and better festivals are in the offing...

  5. Totally staying tuned! And with fingers crossed!