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ALERT: AMC Tribeca Special – Interviews with Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, and Dominik Garcia- Lorida
WHEN: Fri., May 1 @ 11PM | 10C
Sun., May 3 @ 6:30AM | 5:30C
Fri., May 15 @ 5:45AM | 4:45C

Do you speak or read Italian? Do you want to learn? Perhaps our movie can help. Click here to read an interview with me in an Italian blog (proof that I really will do ANYTHING to help promote this movie). Then watch the video of me saying the same stuff. What a crazy concept for language learning! Is there money in this? More than in making independent films?

Yesterday I did a panel at the DGA on the "future of independent cinema" with Austin Chick, Mary Harron and my old friend Gary Winick. I think I can say, with confidence, that collectively we thorougly failed to answer the burning question of what the future of independent cinema will be. But at least we all told a few good war stories. Gary was amusing and candid as always in recounting, among other things, what a big fat diva Frank Langella was while making "Starting Out In the Evening" (which Gary produced). And last nights screening of "City Island" played to a capacity audience who all seemed to dig the movie.

Tonight is the Heineken sponsored "wrap party" at which the Audience Award is announced. I will attend. And in deference to nobody and nothing whatsoever, here is a little more Groucho from "Animal Crackers"--the justly famous "seven-cent nickel" routine...

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