Finally it's turned up: the Andy/Dominik "Access Hollywood" moment, broadcast on opening weekend of the Tribeca Film Festival. Click here to watch it. They do a fine job plugging the movie and Dominik--bless her--says that she considers this movie her father's best work...

For those of you who have been following this little excercise in self-promotion over the past few months, you might be interested to know that this blog didn't begin as a purely selfish forum designed to trumpet whatever minimal acheivements I may have...er, acheived. Rather, the initial purpose of this blog was to justify the ENORMOUS amount of time I was losing on a daily basis watching youtube. My passions are old music (jazz--20's-60s) and old movies. Music on film is also good. And youtube, as you may or may not be aware, has become a respository for all kinds of material--live concert footage, old musical numbers extracted from the long (and no longer necessarily interesting) plot-driven (?) movies in which they once resided...tv commercials of the past, rare stock and home movie footage of New York City (another obsession). If you bother looking in the archives of "Movies 'Til Dawn", you'll find that the first year of this blogs life (summer '07--summer '08) was consumed by the compulsive pursuit of these multiplying obsessions and includes quite thoroughly researched little esssays about whatever the hell I was watching that day on YT.

Then "City Island" came along. And with the pressures of an actual movie production upon me, I realized that I would have to abandon my little blog. My readership was minimal but still existed; I hated to think that the loyal band of readers who I somehow attracted would wake up one day to find my blog no longer functional--another digital age experiment in time-wasting and procrastination put to pasture. (I've seen lots of those abandoned blogs-they just sit there on the web, staring blandly and guiltlessly back at those looking-- like the faces of lost children in wartime...)

And then lo! The idea of the century dawned upon me in a fit of inspiration (aided by a fistful of Absolute Martini's). Blog the movie, the Gods intoned. Do the daily reports on the making of "City Island". When its done, go back to your little cinemisfit existence.

Weirdly the readership went up--like times three or four. I've had dips since then--after all, production is a more exciting time to follow then, say, editing--which for an on-looker is simply a watching-paint-dry kind of experience. But the effort of selling the movie has once again brought readers back. I won't lie: there's something truly delightful to know that people bother showing up here. The stat-counter is my friend and co-hort;. I check it as obsessively as we all now check our e-mail.

Why this little mini-history of my blog-life? Well for one thing, I'd love it if people kept coming back when I segue back into history and music land. After all, there'll be more movies coming up (I'm reasonably sure) and I intend to blog all of their makings. As a foretaste of the kind of stuff that I find irresistible on youtube, here's an ancient piece of jazz on film arcana: the great Eubie Blake and his orchestra accompanying the very young (but already stylistically assured) Nicholas Brothers, doing "I"ll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You" (with a little "China Boy" thrown in). Where the hell else would you find this except on youtube? And what better way to kill three minutes of your day then watching this peek into the elysian fields of another era's popular entertainment?

Don't worry: more "City Island" shtick is on its way. Meanwhile...

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  1. Hi Raymond,

    I found another interview of you and Andy at the Tribeca film festival. Don't know if you have it already, but I send the link just in case you don't.


  2. I have been through some of your old posts in this blog. I love them and the videos and everything really!

    And you are so right about un-updated and abandoned blogs. Well I am definitely coming back for more Raymond so you better keep on posting :)


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