Welcome to "Link Heaven". Click below for lots of goodies--articles, reviews etc. all positive. I'm off to more press. Our next screening is tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon.

HDFEST.COM: Gerald Wright’s positive review is posted to this site.

NEWSDAY.COM: Positive write-up of the film and photo from the premiere are posted to this site.

ABOUT.COM: Pamela Skillings’ four star review is posted to this site.

ZIMBIO.COM: Photos from the premiere are posted to this site

FILMMAGIC.COM: Photos from the premiere are posted to this site.

GETTYIMAGES.COM: Photos from the premiere are posted to this site.

REXFEATURES.COM: Photos from the premiere are posted to this site.

Ask not why Benny Hill? Ask why not Benny Hill?

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  1. Hi Raymond,
    Congratulations to you all for the successful screening of City Island in the Tribecca film festival. Are you guys attending all the screenings? Thanks for all the links. It is wonderful to see so many photos and also videos.
    I found more links to photos and articles and reviews. Pleass visit our Andy Garcia Fan Club to see the recent postings.

  2. I've found some good reviews on various blogs:



    And what an attractive cast you have!

  3. Benny Hill one of the great's

  4. JC--No, the actors have done their thing with the premiere. I'll be at all the other screenings doing a q&a afterward. Thanks for the AG fan club link.

    Anon: Thanks for those blog reviews--I sent them on to our publicity people who are including them in our press packages.

    Anon: Benny was my favorite show when I was a teenager. I've been watching him on youtube again and showing my four and half year old son certain routines (i.e. one's that don't involve women in their underwear). He loves him!

  5. Raymond - I saw the movie the other night and loved it! I can't remember when I enjoyed a movie this much. I am a huge Andy and Julianna fan, so what a treat seeing them in a movie together.

    What are the chances the film will get picked up and everyone will get to see this fabulous movie? So many awful things in the movies these days, it's hard to know if they can spot what would be a hit!

    Are things looking good? It would have been a perfect film for a summer release IMO. Too late for that now right?

    Best wishes, I just adored the movie!

  6. Here's another good review:


  7. Here's the terrific ArtistDirect review - that link didn't quite work, but it's short enough to post here:

    The biggest surprise of the festival thus far has been in the World Narrative Competition category: writer/director Raymond De Felitta's City Island. Starring a wide cast of recognizable faces (Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Emily Mortimer, Alan Arkin) along with a few new ones (Ezra Miller, Dominik Garcia-Lorido, Steven Strait), this bizarre tale of bickering family life contains genuine moments of rollicking laughter, juxtaposed against more dramatic elements, like the discovery of a long-lost son. As a family filled with secrets—the father’s covered-up past and acting classes, the daughter’s hidden night job, the son’s sexually curious obsessions—the Rizzos have an infectious back-and-forth energy that is wildly refreshing. Never condescending to his characters’ missteps, De Felitta’s flawed humans and lively dialogue jump off the screen with the help of a splendid cast, elevating a would-be humdrum indie into something far more special and sincere.

  8. Another good review!