From the sublime to the sleazy: above is the luminous Emily Mortimer in a scene from "City Island" and, in the below clip, I've offered an outtake (complete with slate) of the opening scene of the movie, set in the prison where Vince Rizzo (Andy Garcia) works. How does a guy who hangs out in prison wind up involved with Emily Mortimer? This and many other questions will be answered if and when you show up at the "City Island" screenings at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival. Click here for festival information--specifically "City Island" related festival information. And click on the above photo to enlarge. Emily makes a fabulous screen saver.

As I announced yesterday my intent in this blogathon is to spread the word about the movie and the screenings by asking you to send the link to this blog to ten friends (five will do if you're like me and don't have many friends). Then--hopefully--we will accumulate enough grass roots support to help cross the finish line in getting the thing sold. I've already been asked by a few stalwart readers if it matters if they don't have any friends in the New York City area. The answer is: Hell No! While it would be helpful in getting people into screenings, the real fun here is in seeing how truly global a community we are. One way or another, everyone will eventually see this movie--even people in prison.

Starting tomorrow I'll be posting some TV clips of the film--the little segments that they show when reviewing the film on air. These segments represent the first edited scenes of the film to be posted and, as such, their arrival is deserving of mega-fanfare. So keep your eyes on the blogathon for this not-exactly-once-in-a-lifetime experience. And don't forget to annoy your friends on behalf of my film!

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