Here's a clip of Steven Strait and Julianna Margulies riding the process-trailer (i.e. the rig that carries the car that she's pretending to drive) and self-slating themselves--a necessity when doing driving stuff as there's usually no room in the car for a camera assistant to crouch in and perform this antiquated but still highly necessary task. Despite the mega advances in technology, movies still rely on several very old-fashioned customs to achieve the simplest ends and the slate--which provides the editor not only with necessary shot/scene/take information but a definite sync mark for sound and picture--remains the quaintest of the "analogue" steps that still exist.

Tomorrow I'll begin a multi-part saga on how the movie actually got financed and made--something I haven't gone into any detail about previously. And don't worry--more and newer clips (cut scenes) really are on the way.

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