7:00-7:30PM EST
NBC-TV, Channel 4 in NYC

Andy Garcia and Dominik Garcia-Lorido’s interview
about “City Island” and the Tribeca Film Festival
on “Access Hollywood” with clips from the film.

Item: I will be appearing at the Barnes and Noble store in Union Square on 17th Street tomorrow, April 26, at noon. I'm on a panel with some other writer/directors discussing what it's like...to be a writer/director (I suppose). If any of you in the New York area decide to drop by, please feel free to intro yourself--I'd love to meet any and all readers...

Yesterdays press day went exceedingly well, thanks to the superb organization of Janice Roland and her lieutenants at Falco (our PR company), to say nothing of the enthusiastic particpation of Andy Garcia, Julianna Margulies, Dominik Garcia-Lorido and Ezra Miller. I was paired up with Andy for several interviews, Ezra and Dominik were paired up for most of theirs, Julianna did a lot of solo and a few with Andy (and one with me). Some of the outlets were print (AP, Reuters), some TV (AMC, IFC etc.) and a number were internet based and radio. Where will it all air and when? Who the hell knows? But it's a lot of damn fun talking about yourself for four hours and not being in a therapists office.

Afterward, Andy, Dominik, one of our producing partners and I went to lunch at Pastis--a fashionable downtown spot which is--for my money--the loudest, least pleasant place I have ever dined in Manhattan. Over lunch Andy got to talking about the great director Hal Ashby ("Harold and Maude", "Shampoo", "Being There"). Andy was a great admirer of Ashby, who cast Andy in one of his earliest roles--as a Latino drug dealer named Angel in a 1986 flick called "8 Million Ways To Die". I remember seeing the film in its first run and deeply enjoying the interplay between Jeff Bridges and this young, swarthy Latino guy who I'd never heard of. Now twenty-two years later, the drug-dealer and I are partners in a movie that both of us have great pride in and hopes for.

One of the things Andy admired about Ashby was his looseness with actors, his positive urging them on spirit. In a sense, an actor could do no wrong with Ashby. Andy said his usual direction was "That's great. Now do it again but differently". The huge variety of ideas that this inspired led to the performances in his movies being loose, funny, inventive and totally natural.

I've posted two scenes from "8 Million Ways To Die" below--look how y-o-u-n-g my actor/producing partner/friend looks. (Personally I think he's much more handsome and mature now as Vince Rizzo...) The first scene is a wonderful bit of cat and mouse with Jeff Bridges. The second is a "drug deal gone awry" scene which, Andy told me, wasn't really scripted at all; all that screaming and all that nuttiness was the result of Ashby letting the actors take off and do what good actors know how to do best: make something happen where previously there might not have been nothin' happening...

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  1. AMC already has the interview up on their website so people can go look there if they want to see it!

    Now will Sunday have a "red carpet" or is that just the first movie screening? Or will it be Saturday? Or will it be done at all?

  2. If I hadn't already seen "City Island," the Access Hollywood piece would have had me pacing the lines at Tribeca trying to scalp a ticket. Yay!!

  3. I did not know about this film...
    very nice....Not at all like
    City Island in subject matter....
    I will bet Al Pacino saw this when
    he played his Spanish drug dealer
    fellow.Same type of stuff....plus the
    Bridges family they are what it is all about in this industry////

  4. Don't know if I'm repeating news everyone knows but I see that City Island now has a fifth screening at Tribeca. It's on Thursday at 4pm. Great news I reckon.
    Hope you have all read the great review from S.T.Vanairsdale of Movieline magazine. A great rap for Andy. I want to see this film so bad but I hate to think how long it will be before we see it here in Australia.
    Good luck with the premiere today. Hope it all goes well.