Item: I just shot an interview about "City Island" for NBC. It was taped--not live--and I wasn't really paying attention as to when and where they said it would air until...

They mentioned the word "taxi". In New York City, all taxi cabs now have little tv screens in the back with white noise kind of programming, usually of a New York promotional variety. As often as not I simply turn the damn things off--I pretend to find them an annoyance, another example of technology run amok.

But now I must confess: the fact that I might appear in the back of taxi cabs plugging my New York movie has made me idiotically happy, thrilled beyond my normal complacency. Indeed, I feel suddenly like a spokesman for the whole damn city, one of the stalwart, upstanding, "I love New York" heads, the kind of man who is proud of his city--and wants to make his city proud of him. I may cry.

Item: The hits on this little blog have close to doubled since we began this countdown-to-Tribeca blogathon. I guess some of you actually have called my bluff and passed the link on to others. Thank you for that. For those new readers, I feel it necessary to repeat the mantra of what this entire experiment is all about. So:

If you are interested in my movie and would like to participate in helping us achieve our goal of getting it out to the audience it deserves,PLEASE E-MAIL THIS BLOG ENTRY TO TEN OF YOUR FRIENDS. I know our readers come from all corners of the earth and I'm delighted by the globality of it all; but if you happen to have friends in the New York area I would appreciate your making them your primary targets as I'm hoping to get people to buy tickets to our screenings at Tribeca. And if you don't know anybody in New York, that's okay too--maybe they'll take a roadtrip to the greatest city in the world to see our movie! Just tell whoever you think might be interested about our mission and its daily progress. If nothing else, they might enjoy my occasional rantings and postings of musical acts from "Hullabaloo".

Once people start seeing the movie, I'm hoping to encourage them to text an as-yet unknown number to leave (hopefully) enthusiastic comments--this will be of real help in convincing the currently timid distribution companies that we've made a film that will be a real crowd-pleaser.

I'll be back with more of the "Sinister Saga of Staging City Island"--along with more behind the scenes video clips and stills later today or tomorrow. For now, in tribute to the lovely springtime day we have here in New York City and the general air of good vibiness that comes with learning that I might be on TV in the back of taxi's, I offer you the Four Tops-- courtesy of the ever more valued "Hullabaloo" (NBC 1965).

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