What kind of a supposedly blogathoning blogger takes the weekend off? A psuedo one. So sue me. What can you do me? I spent Saturday traveling to LA and Sunday with the Easter Bunny. I thought of blaming my non-existent Catholicism but that particular religion takes it on the kneecaps so often these days that why add to the bad publicity?

Instead I'm offering up an apology by posting the FIRST EVER CLIP FROM A CUT SCENE FROM CITY ISLAND. This is a one-minute teaser for what I consider to be the best scene in the movie--Vince Rizzo going on his first acting audition. Enjoy, I hope, and look for a few more clips in the coming days.

Please send this blog entry to friends and encourage them to pass it on as well. As previously mentioned (or nagged about), our goal is to sell out the screenings and show the distributors that we've made an enormous crowd-pleaser of a movie--one that deserves a wide general release. You can help me by getting people into the screenings--and then, hopefully, by sending in your highly positive comments on the film.Tickets go on sale tomorrow so click here and follow the link to grab them while they're hot.

Tomorrow I'll continue with the Sinister Saga of Staging "City Island". Meanwhile...

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