Wednesday, March 11, 2009



It's official: "City Island" will have it's US Premiere this April at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival. Click here for the New York Times "Carpetbagger" mention of our film's inclusion in this increasingly prestigious film festival--a welcome addition to the New York film scene and a relief from the once omnipotent but now dreary and marginalized New York Film Festival. (Just the titles of the films the NYFF invites cause a wave of exhaustion to sweep over me). I'll be posting more information--about screening times, q&a's and panels that I (and the cast) might be doing as I get this information.

And now, in a spirit of celebration, here is a ridiculous clip from a mid-60's variety show that I've recently become aware of called "Hullabaloo". Dig Jerry Lewis and his oldest son Gary Lewis singing...are you sitting down?..."Help" by the Beatles.

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Anonymous said...

Gary Lewis and the Playboys..remember them??!!

One of my music teachers was the trumpet player from the band and as his fame dictated was the author of the five note riff in their #1 hit, Lucy in Disguise. PC

Anonymous said...

This is terrific! I so wish I could be there and am extremely jealous of anyone who can be :) But not so much that I'm not willing to hear ALL about it!

Anonymous said...

Very cool Raymond! For those of us who can't be in New York, I have two questions. If you have a q&a or panel, will you tape it and maybe make it available for those who can't attend? And will there be a trailer for the movie soon?

Bet said...

My sister and I used to love "Hullaballo!" We had the boots and everything.

Anonymous said...

Hullaballo Oh Boy.....

But now we have Tribeca to look forward to.The curtain comes up.Do hope that I am free to see this plus a couple others. This will be a fun
day for you Raymond.Bravo to you and
the other film makers. Come to think of it they do not use the curtains
in theaters anymore a shame gave
movies a feel of excitement.ciao