The below story--about Andy Garcia's new Ernest Hemingway project--ran today in the Hollywood Reporter. Andy co-wrote a very good script concerning Hemingway's later life in Cuba--and Ketchum Idaho, where he committed suicide-- and seems to have hooked Anthony Hopkins to play Papa (Andy will direct the film and co-star as the Cuban fishing boat captain who Hemingway employed and was friends with). We were editing "City Island" when Andy had his first get together with Hopkins at a hotel in Santa Monica. He came into the editing room late that day and when I asked him how the meeting went, he said: "I wish there'd been a couple of cameras--we could've made the movie".

All that is well and good, but naturally for this particular self-centered/internet whore/blogger, it is the last paragraph--the one where Andy very nicely plugs "City Island"--that has caused me to share it with you. Viz (and don't forget to click to enlarge):

And now, since you've been a faithful and patient audience as my posting has slowed down over the past few weeks, here's a wonderful and rare piece of footage of my favorite musician ever, Art Tatum, doing his jazz pianarrangement of Dvorak's "Humoresque". Was this from a TV show? (Probably). Why are there edits within it? (Don't know). And have you ever seen/heard more complex and layered piano playing played with such apparent ease and grace? (I haven't...)

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