Lo. A previously forgotten, unposted but fully edited little scene between Ezra Miller and Carrie Baker Reynolds was just discovered among my copious download files. This scene didn't make it past the first assembly--not due to quality but simply because we streamlined the timeline of the story and this connecting moment no longer was needed to connect anything.

I appreciate a number of the comments asking for on-set stories and stills. The stories are, alas, few as the shoot was a pleasurable experience (and if it hadn't been I doubt I'd be posting "bad-mouth" tales of tribulations). Generally the stories I
have are specifically situational as to how scenes were achieved, what obstacles we faced, etc. But let me dig through the debris of my memories of this past summer and see what shards remain. The stills, however, are another matter. I simply can't post them for two reasons: the actors haven't approved them yet and the financing companies don't want them to wind up for sale via downloading. Believe it or not, there is money to be made off of good old fashioned photography while the bits of scenes that I post are really of no monetary value. And ultimately, whoever buys the film is also acquiring the images of the stills in connection with publicity for the film and wouldn't like it if they'd already been floating around the wireless universe.

Meanwhile, enjoy Denise's "Chocolate Death Cake".

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  1. It is good to see a new clips up here. I know I always appreciate reading or watching something new about "City Island".

    Thanks for responding too about the questions we asked. I know I definitely wasn't looking for "negative" stories and I'm glad to hear the shoot was a pleasant one. I guess I was looking for what you mentioned...the specifically situational one about scenes, what it took to get it, actor tidbits, etc.

    What was interesting to me was your comments about the stills...I always thought of it as candid pictures. You take 'em, you post 'em, like the ones that were on your website before you began production. You and Andy and Steven for example. I never thought about the actors having to approve them or them ending up for sale. Guess you learn something new all the time!

    Thanks again for anything you share!

  2. I'm totally up for hearing any situationally tidbits as well. I'd just hate to have a big dry spell before we can actually see the movie. I alsways love actor info too and I'm not looking for any bad gossip either, just the good stuff! :) Have any of them seen the movie yet?

  3. Let me ask something relative to others making money off of your film's still images:

    So what?

    Does someone else's profit reduce your own profit? Do productions ever 'sell' images?

    Do they worry that the images will turn up on porn sites, or that people will do horrible things with them?

    What's the worst thing that could happen if (after approval) the images are set loose into the digital wilds?

    Truly curious.

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