Aware as I am at how much you readers enjoy outtakes and clips of my movie, and seeing as how I'm running out of them and need to make another movie if for no other reason so as to provide material for my blog, I decided to get smart and take somebody else's outtakes and post them.

Dig the below outtakes from one of my favorite twenty-first century movies, Jon Favreau's "Made", starring him and Vince Vaughn. This criminally underseen comedy so outpaces it's predecessor, the much overrated "Swingers", that it's hard for me to understand how the movie came and went with as little fanfare as it did. (People always seem to be saying that about my movies--they think its a compliment but its really quite depressing--so I should give Favreau and his movie a break). If you haven't seen "Made", I urge you to rent it, stream it, d-load it, whatever. You'll either love it or hate it, but strangely even if you don't love it you'll like disliking it.

Off screen in the first clip is the voice of Peter Falk, who has a small and terrifying role as the mob boss who hires them to fly to New York and "make the drop". This was about two years before I directed Peter in "The Thing About My Folks". You may wonder if the constant need for Peter to repeat his lines because of Vaughn and Favreau's not being able to keep a straight face might have grown annoying for Peter. I think the answer would be a resounding no. I've never met an actor who so obsessively wanted to repeat every line and every scene as much as Peter Falk. Because we were shooting video, I let him go to his hearts content. Take fifteen or twenty was nothing unusual to hit...

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  1. I'm definitely one who enjoys outtakes and clips from City Island but I can assure you, that should you run out, I would also be content with any stills you might want to share or any stories from the set, even if there is no clip to show along with it.

    I think I'll have to put Made on my Netflix list. I wonder if I'll be a love or hate it type of person!

  2. Actors such as Peter Falk,
    Gregory Peck, just the sound of there
    voices in a film is worth the price.
    This is where the saying one of a
    kind comes in.....Being around them
    on a film is a true treat.Pointed to
    Gregory Peck while with my Son & said
    You will remember this man when you
    are an old guy and he will, exciting

  3. I love outtakes and blooper reel's!!Thank you.

    I am always curious though...why do some films have outtakes in their DVD version and others do not? Is it because it is time consuming and expensive to put together? What happens to all those countless takes that do not make it into the final cut? Are they thrown away or kept by the director (like a memorabilia or something)?

    the clips are great but I agree with the "anonymous" friend that stories from the set will be appreciated also!

    Sorry about the questions (I hope they are not silly or answered before).

    Oh and if someone can help...what is the word Vince Voughn keeps repeating and laughs (right after the unseen man says 'pattern' I think?)?

    peace and love

  4. I think you mean "per diem" - is that the one you mean?

  5. YES "PER DIEM"!!

    what does it mean? Or what do they want to say? (sorry if it is silly)...