My documentary, "Tis Autumn: The Search For Jackie Paris", has--unbelievably--opened in London, at a fine theater which is also showing the Coen Brothers movie "Burn After Reading" (which I didn't much care for, but still it's rather nice to share a marquee with them). Click here to listen to a podcast I did the other day (via good old fashioned long distance telephone--no Skype, no I-chat, not even a cell phone, just a nice landline) with Jason Solomens of The Guardian.

Not one to be shy of shameless self-promotion, here's the four star Time Out London review. And below, courtesy
of my old friend Leopold Wurm, a few photos of the cinema in London where the film is playing.

Show me a proud filmmaker and I'll show you an internet whore. Or perhaps it's the other way around. I'll be back with more City Island news shortly. Meanwhile, dig the "Tis Autumn" trailer below.

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