I thought I’d share with you a couple of interesting linguistic differences:

In the UK, doing a “touch-up” is, as it is here, a last minute paint or make-up job. However, “to touch somebody up” means to “caress so as to excite sexually” or “sexually molest”. As you can imagine, all the touching people up that goes on in the makeup department can be very exciting if you’re British.

In England, if you’re referring to fishing equipment, it’s usually “fishing tackle” and rarely just “tackle”. “Tackle” on it’s own tends to mean male genitalia... make up your own caption for the photo below:

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  1. This topic have a tendency to become boring but with your creativeness its great.

  2. Sorry if I commented your blog, but you have a nice idea.

  3. Not boring at all.people just have to
    lighten up in life . Enjoy in England
    if one has a Fag in there mouth would
    mean to smoke a cigarette. In
    America that would have a different
    meaning.So the day that my Son called
    from England and told me what he was
    blowing smoke rings with his fag I was concerned.But figured what the
    hell hes a grown man with his own

  4. Lets just call it 'Jacks Genitalia'
    the best bait in town......