Firstly, a well-earned, thank you and applause goes out to our Joyce, Julianna Margulies. Today we wrapped (finished shooting) the woman who more than fulfilled the character's potential (and De Felitta's vision) with a dynamic of attitude, strength and likeability. So... To Julianna. Sante!

The first part of our day/afternoon (call was at 2pm) was spent at our law office location on 57th and Lexington Avenue. Yet again we are faced with the fictional riding up against the real. As myself and producer Lauren Versel approached the plaza that dramatically leads to the revolving doors, a new but eager PA (Production Assistant) informs us that we cannot walk through. It was a classic moment. Versel did her best 'No, no, no, you don't understand, we are with the movie...' And all that remains is a blushing PA...
Cut to later that night, Roosevelt Island, West Side. Director Raymond, Erin (Versel's assistant), Producer Zachary Matz and myself in a crew van driving to set. Man in neon vest, armed with a red light stick, stands in the middle of the road, in front of the van and our nonplussed driver, starts yelling: "WHERE YOU GOIN'?!?! WHAT YOU DOIN'?!?!" (accompanied by crazy arm movements and the waving of his red stick) "WHERE YOU GOIN'?!! WHAT YOU DOIN'?!!!?" The driver, who has quite clearly seen it all before, calmly undoes his seatbelt, slowly sticks his head out the window, and says in a normal tone: "We're with the film." The yelling man seems to react in no way but just says, as though none of the yelling had occurred: "all right, go ahead."
The change in tone took us all by surprise and had us all struck by disbelief. At least we know our set is well protected... And the moral of these tall and arbitrary tales? "I'm with the movie" may just get you everywhere...

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  1. yeahh the PA was me. the man was dressed up so nicely I thought he worked in the building!
    sorry about that ! =D

  2. Bello Signora Julianna.

  3. Bello? Chow, do you think Julianna is a dude?

  4. I'm practicing my Italian and I do
    think that the word Bello
    means beautiful & the word Signora
    means lady & the last word means
    congratulations .
    And your word dude means man don't no what you mean Mr or Mrs
    anonymous explain please chow
    Ahh maybe you thought the word bello
    was fellow......

  5. I figured out how the word anonymous
    came to be if you look at the end
    of the last 4 letters and then add a
    E it would spell mouse and that's what
    a mouse does it hides. A little
    creative trivia on my part.
    Now this might not be so but it is my
    interpretation of the word.

  6. uhm actually the correct form would be like

    Congratulazioni alla bellissima signora Julianna... ciao

    only is doesn't sound too correct because you should yous the name or just the mrs part like "congratulazioni Julianna" or "congratulazioni signora" because the other way with both sounds like a translation from english and not a proper italian sentence.

    : )

  7. Molte grazie,,, I have to keep

  8. It even sounds better your way
    thanks again..music to the ears

  9. you're welcome! ^_^