Day 23, and a little more waiting around is going on than usual. This time the waiting will both on camera and off as we film an open call audition sequence in TriBeCa (I want to know who comes up with these funny names... Triangle Below Canal? Seriously?) With 140 extras on our hands it is set to be a day of logistical somersaults, and the fact they all have been pulled from the extras casting pool entitled: "Stereotypical New York City Cop" makes for a day that is somewhat surreal... Everyone around me looks vaguely similar and I cannot tell if the guys hanging on the street corner really are just loitering or whether they have ambitions that parallel Vince Rizzo's, and are actually actors in this little film of ours... Reality and fiction seem to have truly collided, but I guess that's what sign up for when you say "yes" to life in the movies!

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1 comment:

  1. Woke up at 3am.Got on bus 4;30am
    arrived on set 5;30am early guy with the ear ring.....cant help myself.
    Was it worth it? You bet it was..
    Raymond what a great group you have.
    Thrilled to be part of your film story.