Click here for a look at a nice features piece on our movie, "City Island". The New York Daily News came out to set on one of our last days in City Island proper and interviewed both me and Andy for this piece.

I'm off to try to get a seat to "Gypsy", for my money one of the three best musicals ever written. ("Guys and Dolls" and "Carousel" being the others). Arthur Laurents, who wrote the original book, directed this revival at the age of ninety. Clearly a good role model for both directing longevity as well as plain old living of life longevity. Below is Patti LuPone from the Tony Awards singing "Everything's Coming Up Roses". I much prefer posting this than anything from the execrable 1960 movie version starring Rosalind Russell. Come to think of it, the above mentioned shows were all made into mediocre movies--Mankiwicz's "Guys and Dolls" is almot as boring as "Cleopatra" and "Carousel" is pretty undistingueshed. Two of my three favorite film musicals were all developed directly for the screen: "Singing In The Rain", "The Bandwagon". The third is a toss up between "Cabaret" and "West Side Story". Laurents, by the way, can be glimpsed at the end of the below clip.

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