Art Director, Franckie Diago's floor plan for the Strip Club location.

So from one fabulous location to another... City Island to Staten Island. The views in City Island were forgiving, here, there is no view to speak of. But it is nonetheless our location for the strip club scenes, what does one expect? I know for certain that these scenes will have an inescapable "gritty reality". I had the pleasure of taking the logistical nightmare that is the Staten Island Ferry and once the epic journey across the steely intersection of the East and Hudson Rivers had come to a close, only the infamous Honeywagon awaited me. A model of self-sufficiency, the Honeywagon has it all in a cozy 32 ft sq of space. A Honey Wagon sounds lovely, but Wikipedia begs to differ:
"A Honeywagon is the term given to a mobile toilet unit used in the film and televison industry. The ledgend behind the name 'Honeywagon' is thought to relate to the 'honey-coloured' liquid that comes out of it when emptying the holding tanks."

And so the glamorous life continues, all I am left wondering is whether there will be a chocolate on my pillow/makeshift cushioned bench tomorrow... methinks, not.

This is how we run things, independent style. Please check your airs and graces at the door.

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