A super photograph taken by our on-set stills photographer Phil Caruso.
And another fantastic picture from Phil Caruso.

And so they begin to fall like flies. Today we wrapped on both Ezra and Hope Davis (who plays Cheryl, Vinnie Jr's Love interest). We really are in the final strait now. Seeing Ezra go was truly a milestone, he has been a tremendous asset to the film and I can hardly wait to see him blow up on the big screen. It will be, truly spectacular I am certain. Hopefully we shall see both Ezra and Marta again, I very much doubt they will be able to hold themselves away from the set for more than a few days.
Below are some questions that Raymond formulated for Vinnie Jr. In the absence of daily clips, I have to ask you all to open your imaginations and wonder at the potential answers the sparky and sharp-tongued Ezra Miller whipped up!

Ten Questions For Vincent Rizzo III (aka Vince Jr./Vinnie) to ask of himself:

1) Why is Sunday necessarily a day off? Research the eight day week.

2) If a camera doesn’t record an event, did it happen? Conversely, can an event that’s been recorded ever claim to have not been staged?

3) Clearly my sister is a hooker. The question is: what does she charge?

4) We wash everything except our teeth with warm water. Why do we brush our teeth with cold water? Why does a mouthful of warm water mixed with toothpaste produce a gagging reflex?

5) Feeding a girl and watching her grow larger as the ultimate erotic stimulai. Why have I been so cursed?

6) Clearly he can’t have sex with this guy in prison and so needs to bring this one home to the boat shed. Why? Overcrowding?

7) What’s with remaking “Incredible Hulk” two years later? Will they do it again in two years? Should there only be “Incredible Hulk” movies every summer?

8) Grapefruits do not resemble grapes. Why the name?

9) “Kinko’s”. What an interesting name for a copy store. Discuss.

10) Is it normal to look forward to my service in Iraq?
Where does De Felitta dream up these things? Hilarious, non?

Some Dolly action for your pleasure!