A post from our new blogger Cameron Gorman.

A number of members of our team our from the Bronx who used to come to Orchard Beach as children:

Del AKA Delvan James our Set Costumer is from South Bronx and knows the beach well. He has a tip; if you want to find a unique, relatively unspoilt beauty spot: Go onto the walkway, take a left and continue on. There is a hidden path at the end which leads to the north shore – apparently a leafy paradise with cliffs, marshland and a great view.

Rocco Parente Jr

Rocco is our stand in actor for Andy Garcia and sometimes Steven Strait. He’s also a Bronx boy with childhood memories of City Island and Orchard Beach. The Orchard Beach location was great place if you weren’t needed for five minutes.

Jean & Marie

Jean and Marie are two Bronx girls who ran into the film set on the way to the beach. Perhaps the color coordination wasn’t deliberate, but we love it anyway.

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