West Beth's community courtyard, and below shooting on the thirteenth floor.
Below, a stormy sky rears its ugly head.
Below is Julian Schnabel's infamous magenta home, (on the left).

It was amazing to be in the village and to be on the 13th floor of the Ramscale studios really took the day up a notch. We whiled away the hours with plenty of space, fans, air conditioned rooms, functioning toilets, and spectacular views. I think the cast and crew could get used to this kind of working environment... Well tomorrow it is off to the correctional facility so lets not get too comfy...
The West Beth building is a fabulous place to be. It has nurtured artists for over 25 years, and is the largest artist residence in the world. The choreographer Merce Cunningham still is based here, and the building once housed Diane Arbus. I tried to get one of the inhabitants to adopt me, so I could inherit the space, but it was to no avail... Anyway I must dash: I am spying on a Cunningham rehearsal across the rooftops!

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