Bang! And we are back at Orchard Beach on a blistering hot day. Picking up some left over driving shots, which means for Raymond and his first team, being clipped on to a process trailer, literally shackled to a machine. The Ford Galaxy is having one of it's last outings, along with Steven Strait. Steven has been a 'tour de force' on the set of "City Island", and as well as bringing his charm and skill, Strait also brought his lovely (and supremely talented) actress wife Lynn Collins (Collins plays opposite Andy Garcia in the movie-within-a-movie scene).

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  1. Steven's getting down to the end? I'll be very sad to see him go, but look forward very much to seeing his performance in this movie. I hope you have more clips and photos of him to share with us before then! And Lynn is making an appearance in the film? I thought she was terrific in Merchant of Venice so I look forward to her performance as well. Any pics of Steven and Lynn on set?

  2. Steven was a pure pleasure to work with; he will be genuinely missed.

    Didn't realize that the talented screaming woman was his wife. She was a marvel!

    Hope they're both coming to the wrap party :)

  3. I hope you'll still continue to feed us Steven fans pictures and video that you have from filming even though he's finished filming. Throw us bones once in a while okay? :)

    Lynn is a great actress. Can't wait to see her in the film!