Dear Viewers,

Sometimes, some things are too good to be true. I was left thinking recently that this shoot was far too relaxed and lovely, I was posting dailies after all! But, alas, the reins have been pulled in and there shall be no more dailies from the set. However, I will still report back and document as much as possible, the trusty Flip camera by my side. I tend to agree with the powers that be: after all we don't want to lift the red velvet curtain too much (plus, behind the scenes is WAY more exciting). If readers have any suggestions then let me know; let me be your eyes and ears!

Your faithful reporter navigating the jungle of cinema,

Cecelia Bee.
Post Note: As a result of the above, please will any crew members follow Dan Fisher's example and send me any materials (photographs, videos, anecdotes, sketches etc) they have collated over the past couple of weeks and we can make this blog a collective scrap-booking of all our hard work.

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  1. Oh no! I looked so forward to the dailies. But I definitely understand where they are coming from. Please continue to post pics if you can of behind the scenes, the actors, and maybe a story or two or three?! That'll make the wait before the movie is released still continue to go by faster. BTW, any idea of when that'll be?

  2. Well I'm certainly going to miss the dailies, but please continue to post as much as you are allowed to about the movie. For those of us who are fans of the actors, Andy, Steven, Julianna and the rest, please continue to post pictures, behind the scenes and tidbits about them. Other insights into the filming will be extremely welcome as well. The dailies were fun while they lasted. How about bloopers? Can you post anything like that?

  3. Very Bright idea guess we can all
    look forward to seeing some of the
    excess footage on your Dvd with the
    Director commentary it would be fun
    listening to you and Andy talk about the making of your film not going to
    leave my name but hope to work on your film for a day or two Chow..

  4. I just loved the dailies but can understand why they had to stop. Don't want to give too much away. Photos of Andy would be great,please!!

  5. i am also saddddd but understand where u are coming from .. please mor pics of andyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  6. If no dailies, then more pics of Steven please!