Only in the world of movies does one get serenaded by Andy Garcia's fingers on ivory as a form of lunchtime entertainment... Well they told me it was glamorous!


  1. Andy go get a sandwich will ya..
    I'm kidding I loved it.....

  2. Carolina Medina-GarciaAugust 14, 2008 at 7:55 PM

    Its a must : ANDY ERES LO MAXIMO! VAYA TE PASASTES !!! Hope u all enjoyed Andy playing he charges for playing music you guys had it for free LOL Andy Guaperrimo!!!!Thank u for enlighting my day .. im impressed how easily you guys can brighten my day or night thanks again!!!!

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing Andy` s piano serenade with us. I love it!!!

  4. What a great idea of putting a piano in your lunch area. Andy, you are a great piano player.

  5. Their had to be at least one crew
    member in that room saying to
    their self knock it off we want to eat,

  6. Anonymous, I KNOW the crew totally enjoys the creativity of all the folks immersed in making "City Island"; and there's scads of creativity happening on film sets.

    Andy worked really, really hard this week. One day in particular stands out where he had about 4 pages of near-monologue where he goes everywhere the heart and head can imagine.

    Going to another creative part of the brain keeps one nimble, whether it's tickling a piano, or a spare piece of rubber matting turned into a sculpture. How could anyone begrudge those precious moments of exercise and relief?

    I never need to purchase concert tickets when I'm paid to hear this intimate beauty at lunch.

  7. Jan,,,,Excusssssssssssssssseme

  8. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for writing and told us about Andy. I read that he is very professional. I think it is very hard to remember all those lines, especially when they are long. You are so lucky to get paid to listen to this beautiful music played by Andy. I would like to buy a ticket to listen to Andy playing the piano. Unfortunately, there is no ticket available!