LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Raymond de Felitta conquers already chartered lands.

*Today Cecelia Bee dips her virgin toes in the murky waters of the blogosphere as your guest writer and documentarian. Be nice.*

From the gritty reality of the dark depths of a Queens correctional facility, to the lofty heights of an uptown law office, De Felitta has traversed them all.
After spending two long days taking the technical scout head-on, the intrepid De Felitta takes a moment to reflect upon his mission and comes to see the actual shooting of the movie as the easy part.

The technical scout is a bonding experience. Work was done, and enormous meals were eaten. Jan McLaughlin the goddess of sound battling with lawnmowers and the shooting range near our main location is one thing; taking on the grilled salmon fillet the size of a small cat, quite another. But remember kids: What is important is that it was a battle fought together.

Each location was measured from multiple angles, filmed and noted in every conceivable manner. From the more traditional pen, paper and measure tape, to Dan Fisher Property Master Extraordinaire's enviable 'Flip' camera.

The reconnaissance is nearly completed; De Felitta is getting ready to go up and over, leading the troops into the humid jungle of the Bronx.

Photographs and text by CeceliaBee


  1. Carolina Medina-GarciaJuly 14, 2008 at 7:33 AM

    Loving it!!! this idea is the best giving us the behind the scenes of a movie in movement ... loving Mr Andy Garcia hope to se more of him behind the screens...and im sure everything will unfold perfectly well.. when do you guys start shooting??

  2. Welcome aboard, Cecelia. Good stuff, lass.

  3. Carolina--

    The shooting starts Monday the 21rst. Clips of behind the scenes stuff as well as a daily clip of an actual scene will be posted. Welcome to our world and keep coming back--it works if you work it!

  4. Mr. D.

    We all follow your journey with intense interest and good thoughts flowing as you and your marvelous international partners bring "City Island" to the world.



    It was good to revisit this piece from CB. Enjoy staying in touch with her and her parents who have adopted me as a social media contact via Flickr.

    I got one of those "enviable" flip cameras. Always keep it in my pocket except when late-broadcasting live from brown carpet premieres and stuff like that.

    Dear God, Raymond:

    Nobody deserves a great success more than you, for you are in truth the gentleman and scholar millions aspire to be.

    You tell stories that want and need to be told and heard.

    Do you know John Cameron Mitchell? If not, you should and no doubt will, for you are brothers.

    Love to you and your dear loved ones.

    Life is good.