The Cloth is Being Cut: Steven Strait Fitting

A snapshot of the lovely Steven Strait to whet the palates of his adoring fans...

The Wardrobe department is working overtime to get everyone looking suitably City Island. Steven and his impossibly likeable wife (actress Lynn Collins) dropped into City Island headquarters yesterday and the awesome Tere Duncan outfitted him in some ex-con threads.
I would like to say at this point (and I speak for all who have had the pleasure to meet the Strait/Collins) something that is always said with a tone of surprise about actors and their spouses: they are really are 'down to earth'.
This quality (at the risk of wandering into the realm of the slushy) makes the whole process feel like a great collaboration, where the integrity and quality of the end product (the film) is the ONLY thing to care about.

CB, Contented, Queens N.Y.


  1. Yeah! Thanks for the update. It always give me an embarassingly fuzzy feeling to find out that actors I like are nice and normal. Guess I feel like it validates my admiration!

    Wardrobe, like everything else, is just something I find interesting and the process that the wardrobe department goes through to find the right "look", especially in a modern setting where a viewer might not realize all the work that goes into it.

    Is this bearded look the one that Steven will have for the whole film or is this his "con" look? Shallowly, I think it's pretty cute either way!

    And to make this even longer, I'm curious to whether the rest of the movie has been cast yet (Andy's wife, daughter, etc.)?

  2. I am so happy and impressed that you are taking the time to blog the making of "City Island"
    I found this site accidentally by googling the cast list for the movie. My daughter Gina had 4callbacks for the role of Cheryl and I have to thank you because she told me that you were so incredibly nice to her and made her feel very comfortable.
    Now i am totally excited and looking forward to the movie especially because Andy Garcia is one of my favorites and I loved your "Folks" movie,I really could relate to that movie being in the sandwich generation!!!!
    So good luck and keep blogging!!!!

  3. Hi Raymond,
    I am loving all the news so far. Can't wait for the filming to start. Who is playing Andy's wife and kids? I know that Andy has two daughters,Daniella and Dominik who are actresses, are they in the film at all?
    I also love the poster. Is that going to be it or will there be another when the film is released?
    Keep up the good work and hope to see some photos of Andy soon.

  4. Thanks, all of you, for reading and making contact. Melissa: yes, this is the look Steven will have in the film. And yes, the whole movie has been cast. I'm just drawing out announcing everyone to keep you coming back and reading the blog. But by this weekend you'll have all the info.

    Maria: Thank you for the compliment about "Folks". And Gina is a terrific actress. Keep coming back!

    Anonymous: I love your enthusiasm--and if your name really is "anonymous" I love that too. Pics of Andy will be up soon. See above for cast info...all in good time.

  5. Thanks for the info! You don't need any enticements to keep me coming back and checking out the blog...I've never followed a movie so closely before and I think the whole process is fascinating! In fact, this has become the first page I check in the morning at work, so as long as you keep the info coming, I'll be here reading it!

  6. Umm not to criticize any of your decisions, but cons usually have a shaved head.
    Why isn't he getting a haircut?


  7. Shaved heads are for the penitentiary. He's in county.

  8. Hey Raymond, it's Luca again!

    I was wondering who the other woman was that was at the script reading? i think she is playing Molly but i'm not sure. Wore her hair in a pony tail?

    The reason i ask is because i know mrs. Margulies was in the sopranos, and this woman looks a lot like another character from the show