This is not a real job. Yes, the hours are long, but riding a bike round a lovely, if slightly dilapidated, yachting community, is not really a job in the traditional sense. No complaints here though. Just a little sunburn.

CI seems, from first impressions, to be a real community, and a really lovely one at that. I expect to be telling y'all out there in the wire-free ether, many more a tale of my adventures on my trusty neon-green steed.

Today I met the liquor store owners. They were relaxing, in the shady (as in dark, not dodgy) store eating mangoes. They gave me gifts and advice; below is the 'Official' postcard for City Island from JGL Wines & Liquors. Go there, they are lovely and sell intoxicating substances. Bonus!

Cecelia Bee.


  1. This is a little strange and even voyeuristic, but I am typing this and reading your blog while I am hearing you call out "Rolling." I live in the house attached to Rizzo's. I happened to have the end of last week off and saw your sparkalicious production crew build an outhouse of sorts out back and labor in 95+ heat sun while me and the gal pals swam and drank sangria. We felt so guilty! What amazes me is why ya'll don't go swimming! The water is GREAT. Anyway, your film is the talk of the town and I must say it's really fun living in a place (in NYC of all locations) where everyone knows what's going on 'down on Horton street." I like to joke about swimming in the background of one of your shots, with a jaws fin. Ha. I've seen your pretty green bike. Nice ride. And good luck with your film.

  2. This is brilliant. Come on over and say hi. The sheer connectivity of blog-world can't be better exemplified then by reading about the life happening outside your own window AS IT'S HAPPENING.

  3. HAHA Raymond! Let me take your breath away... I'll begin with the air in your front tire! muah.