This is not a real job. Yes, the hours are long, but riding a bike round a lovely, if slightly dilapidated, yachting community, is not really a job in the traditional sense. No complaints here though. Just a little sunburn.

CI seems, from first impressions, to be a real community, and a really lovely one at that. I expect to be telling y'all out there in the wire-free ether, many more a tale of my adventures on my trusty neon-green steed.

Today I met the liquor store owners. They were relaxing, in the shady (as in dark, not dodgy) store eating mangoes. They gave me gifts and advice; below is the 'Official' postcard for City Island from JGL Wines & Liquors. Go there, they are lovely and sell intoxicating substances. Bonus!

Cecelia Bee.