Monday July 28th 2008:
Lucky Monkey Pictures partners Maria Teresa Arida and Lauren Versel, watched their project of passion come to life in the seafood central that is City Island. With Headsets, Andy Garcias and exciting-looking equipment surrounding them, Maria and Lauren slip into their most favorite and well-worn pair of shoes.

Lucky Monkey Pictures is an emerging company started by Versel and Arida in 2004. Lucky Monkey took Raymond De Felitta's "City Island" to the Berlin Co-Production market earlier this year and started the ball rolling on what has now become a international co-production. LMP has a strong focus on narrative and has been eagerly developing and accruing content over the past four years; "City Island" is the first to step up to the plate and take a swing.

Arida and Versel have also just recently wrapped on another: a spanish language feature "El Ultimo Verano de La Boyita" by Julia Solomonoff which also featured at the co-production market in Berlin 2007, and as a result went on to dive, hand in hand, in to the Uraguay countryside with Almodovar's company El Deseo, along with their sister company in Argentina: Travesia.

Cecelia Bee.