Monday Night: July 21st, City Island, Sunset.

I couldn't see the awesome Ezra Miller but I could hear him and it sounded GOOD.
As the sun went dhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifown Miller, a rising star, came up, and brought his goods to the (dining) table, literally (see image below). I am already a huge fan of Miller's incarnation of Vinnie Jr; it seems to hit the perfect note of laid-back and endearing sarcasm. Despite being a relative newcomer to 'the game', Miller has an intriguing pedigree: calmly he emerges from the raw, Cannes 2008 featured, "Afterschool" by one-to watch Antonio Campos. And in January Miller wrapped on the (soon to be) impossibly cool short by Steven Tanenbaum: "Busted Walk" (I'm putting my money on it!).

Sides from Monday: The (1st) dinner table argument.

We promise to have some clips up of Ezra giving the 'more qualified' actors a run for their money tomorrow, until then you can satiate yourselves with the links below.
Click to link to an interview with "Afterschool" Director, Antonio Campos.
Click to link to the official website of Another Urban Riff, makers of "Busted Walk".

Cecelia Bee.