Here's a link to a a quite massively impressive Sunday New York Times piece about Emily Mortimer.The size and placement of this sort of piece is a sort of coronation in the NY-LA theater/film community--a kind of official handing over of the keys of the city. Show biz doesn't really get to take this kind of piece back, if you know what I mean. Once the Times gives you this nod you can be damn certain your agent is going to be saying things like..."she wants to take the summer off...this isn't right for her at all...it's just not what she wants to do at this point...I don't even want to bring her an offer like this..." You're also assured of a New York Times obituary. And knowing your life will rate a Times Obit to me makes life worth living...

Further hints on my six degrees question of the previous day: Alan Arkin (who plays an acting teacher named Michael Malakov in "City Island".) briefly plucked the role of Inspector Clouseau from Peter Sellers in the mid-sixties to play the character in a movie called..."Inspector Clouseau". (Great title...must have taken them weeks to come up with it). The second time a non-Sellers version of "The Pink Panther" was made, Steve Martin starred as the Inspector and Emily Mortimer and Andy Garcia co-starred--well compensated (I assume) for classing the proceedings up a bit. But I believe I also mentioned Otto Preminger and Lawrence Harvey and Olivier and Preminger in this circle of show-byzintanium and this is as far as I'm going today.

Clips of the day--what else: The teaser of the new Pink Panther 2 (which Andy and Emily also participated in) as well as the quite cool opening title sequence of Arkin's 1964 "Inspector Closeau". And thanks to my fellow blogger Marc Myers at JazzWax for mentioning our modest proposal to blog this whole damn movie--surely I must have better things to do, wouldn't you think? Stay tuned for tomorrow's Andy Garcia/Cachao clips. They will rock you.