An old friend of mine (he's not old, we've just known each other for far too long) recently showed me the below clip of singing cows. To borrow James Agee's comment about "Bill And Coo", another excercise in anthropormorphia (using birds), it is "conservatively speaking one of the goddamned-ist things I've ever seen..."

But what the hell is it? Is it from another film? Who made it? IMDB is unhelpful though it's not their fault--they have no mechanism in place for searching on "singing cows". Was it just a scrap or mischief produced by some clever post-production guys at the studios who needed a break from the relentless grind of meeting the never-ending release dates of the once high functioning studio system? And so instead of drinking up the night at Nickodells restaurant they made this? Can anybody help explain how the below came into existence? And, more to the point, why it's so inanely amusing? (Note the line the black cow is given to sing).

Re Nickodell's, for those reading this who aren't familiar with long-dead LA restaurants. This was a steak and chop place near Paramount Studios--for years the joke was that the sound department at Paramount had a phone line installed at the bar...

The song is "Cow Cow Boogie". The rest needs to be seen.


  1. I like the cow swinging its hips & tail at the end, very effective!

    This had to be one painstaking edit job before computers came along. Did they animate in the mouths, or cut in dog or chimp mouths, or what?

    Yes, this is your curious wife talking! Still can't remember how to log on as Sherrybaby.


  2. Comma tay-aye yea, comma taye yippie-yea-aye. Could have been a hit if they'd cast sheep.