It's Christmas Eve as I write this and, with loads to wrap, buy and cook, I'll keep it brief. Below is the complete "Brats", Laurel and Hardy's brilliantly funny 1930 short comedy where, with the help of a couple of modest in-camera superimpositions and a lot of magnificent oversized sets, they play their own children. This has always been, along with "The Music Box", my favorite L&H short and, to me, represents them at their zenith. The craft and thought that went into the making of their comedies is here represented at its peak.

I've never seen many on-set stills of the Laurel and Hardy movies (perhaps none were thought necessary at the time?) and I'd certainly love to see what the set of this movie looked like. Indeed, I think "Brats" would join that shortlist of movies which I would, if given the appropriate time-machine, choose to visit the sets of. (The others are "Citizen Kane", "To Have And Have Not", "Queen Kelly" and a handful of others...)

A happy holidays from Movies Til Dawn to whomsoever might be reading and watching this. And thanks to "WeeScreen", the youtuber who posted this--and a number of other L&H shorts--for all to enjoy.

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