Check out this number from "Cover Girl" (it's called "Make Way For Tomorrow") and tell me that this isn't, in fact, a first draft of Kelly and Donen's sublime solo song and dance of "Singing In The Rain" from the film of the same name (which you may have heard of...) The backlot urban street, the use of the sidewalk and gutter, the lightpole, the disapproving cop. Nice as this number is, it's not socko. But clearly Kelly and Donen liked the elements and revisited them eight years later, to immortal effect.

Another nugget on Donen, re: Kelly, and my DGA oral history interview of Donen. I asked Donen one too many questions about his films with Kelly and he waived it off and said: "I was co-directing. There's no such thing as co-directing!" Having just finished a movie where the star was also the producer and, thus, my co-director I was all to aware of his pain and irritation. So--case closed. Later I read a quote of Donen's, when asked about Kelly: "I owe him a lot, but I paid that debt a long time ago." Clearly no love lost, and how typical of movies (of show-biz in general); the greatest work is often tied to the least lovely memories. And they say that the films that are the most "fun" to make are usually the least fun to watch...

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