Apparently a writer named Joseph Dougherty (lots of TV credits--"thirtysomething", "Judging Amy") has written a book called "Comfort and Joi"--and guess who the title refers to?

It appears to be much more of a personal rumination on show-biz, mid-life and other unsolvable dilemmas, using Ms. Lansing as a focal point--apparently Dougherty long was fascinated with her.

A little Lansinana as we wrap out our visit to this departed pussycat of the Sunset Strip: she appears in a corner of the screen in "Singing In The Rain" (not sure which scene though); when she turned up for the audition of her other most famous film, "Touch OF Evil", Orson Welles supposedly said: "Where have you been? Tell all the other girls to go!"; and at the time of her final illness, she was supposedly cast in "Follies" which was about to begin previews. Sondheim's "Follies"? Can this be true? Can't quite imagine what role she was going to do, but if this is correct it stands as the final irony in Lansing's life: she finally landed a plum part in a prestige project only to have illness take the chance from her.

Below is Joi's "The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else"--another Scopitone.